November 30, 2021 – I am excited to announce that I have created a new online studio that hosts all my online classes…it’s super awesome!!

Here is the address…




When I started making yoga videos more than a decade ago, I wanted to create a special place where people could “go” to watch them. At the time I posted my videos on “Blip TV,” an online TV station that shared videos from people like me. My videos got attention there and were even featured a couple times for the whole Blip audience, which was cool. But, in the nascent world of online video streaming, Blip had a hard time getting a footing and ultimately had to close.

I then moved my videos to Vimeo, an online platform known for high-quality, well-made videos. I was in very good company. Vimeo is great, but like most places where videos are posted, it was a shared space with lots of distraction. I still wanted to figure out how to have my own space.

I wanted to create a space that feels like going to your favorite “yoga studio”…it just happens to be online. It is comfortable and welcoming, open to everyone, looks good, and feels like home.  

At long last, I have found what I have been looking for!

The New Studio Features:
– 200+ Yoga Classes
– A New Class Added Every Weekday
– Easy-to-Find Classes Perfect for You
– Classes For All Levels of Experience
– Beautiful Layout
– Convenient
– Open 24 Hours 
– Free Parking
– Inclusive
– Budget-Friendly

I absolutely love the studio….it’s even better than I imagined. I’m so pumped about the whole deal. It’s easy to use the “Browse” button to see all the classes. You can search classes by how recently they were taught, by length, style, or popularity. It’s simple to find just what you need today. It’s just great!

Live Classes on Zoom
In addition to the new studio, I will continue teaching weekday morning yoga classes live on Zoom, 7:30-8:30am ET. I will also continue teaching Live workshops, series classes, and recorded workshops.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. I look forward to seeing you in class.


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