21-Day Yoga Series 

15 Minutes Classes • $21

Holiday Helper Wellness Series

December 4th-24th

We all need a bit of help to get through the holidays. The days are darker, the roads and sidewalks are icier, and there is lots of family and friends to hangout with. Sometimes it can be a bit much. This class is an opportunity to step away from all of that, re-center, and enjoy some self-care time.

In this 21-day series of short classes (15 minutes or less) we will use a variety of accessible tools including yoga, journaling, humor, meditation, and gratitude practices. These class will help you stay grounded, steady and feeling good! I hope you will join a community of friends from around the world. In fact, bring your own friends. 🙂

What Will We Do Each Class
We will be doing a combination of physical yoga practices, meditation, journaling, gratitude and contemplation practices.  All the practices we will be doing will be accessible to everyone. No background in yoga is required.

There will also be easy “assignments” to consider each day to be a “helper” while you aren’t watching the classes.

What to Look Forward To

Focus on John’s Mission 
Enliven Community, Cultivate Positivity, Deepen Understanding

Unique Theme 
Each series has a unique theme that we stick with for the whole 21 days. The theme is explained beforehand so you know what we will be working on for the series.

Welcoming Email
Starting before the series begins, you’ll get an email to remind that it’s going to start soon.

New Class Recorded Every Weekday Morning
Each weekday morning a new class is recorded and posted. These classes will not only focus on a new gratitude practice, but also respond to any questions or comments you have. You will be sent a email to be reminded there is a new class available.

Comments, Questions and Community
Even though we are practicing at different times and in different parts of the world, we are still part of a community and you are invited to comment and participate as much as you want. John responds directly to all comments and questions.  Engaging with comments is a great way to stay connected with the group and stay accountable to doing the series. It’s up to you how much you want to engage.

Diversity of Practices
Most classes are based on the physical practice, but we also enjoy a variety of practices that will enjoy the experience, such as mediation, breathing practices, and journaling.

Integration Weekends
Weekends are time to re-do classes you liked doing the week, or an opportunity to catch up on the series. These weekends really help to keep the community moving together through the series.

What Else?

• Leave Class Feeling Better
• Easy to Commit To; Easy to Do
• Watch the Series Anytime/Anywhere Within the 60-Day Rental Period
• All Levels and Abilities Welcome
• Plant- & Pet-Friendly
• Physical, Breath, Meditation, and Journaling Practices
• Community-Oriented


Next Series

Holiday Helper Wellness Series

December 4th-24th

The return of the ever-popular “Holiday Helper” series. As the title says, the series is all about helping you get through the holidays.

Watch the info video to learn more.  🙂

Upcoming Series

More to come in 2024!!