Limited Series

Limited Series: The Survival Chakras

Deepen Your Understanding of The Survival Chakras 

Tuesdays – Jan. 30, Feb. 6, Feb. 13

By deepening our understanding of these chakras, we can more deeply understand where we may be held back, and make changes in our lives and in our bodies that move us forward in ways that are aligned with who we are.

This limited 3-week series is great for yoga teachers, as well as anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of and experience with the first three chakras. These chakras are sometimes referred to as the “Survival Chakras,” because they each relate to skills we need in order to survive. The first chakra (Muladhara) is about your ability to be steady and grounded. The second chakra (Svadhistana) is about your ability to flow with change. The third chakra (Manipura) is related to your will power to move forward with where you want to or need to go in your life.

If you want to expand your personal wellness tools and deepen your understanding of yourself, this series is for you!

What We Will Do During Series:

  • Learn more about one chakra each session:
    Jan. 30th -Muladhara (Root) / Feb. 6th – Svadhystana (Sacral) / Feb. 13th – Manipura (Solar Plexus)
  • Analize your personal relationship/experience with each chakra
  • Do a focused yoga practice each week for that week’s chakra
  • Learn practices outside of yoga to align each chakra

What You Will Get From Series:

  • More understanding of the chakra system
  • Deeper understanding of your personal balance with the first 3 chakras
  • Yoga postures you can use or teach to help yourself and others with their chakras
  • Life practices you can use or teach your students to help them find chakra balance 

Watch the video to learn more about the series – I hope you join us!