Vermont One-Day Retreats

A Day With Friends In Vermont

I have been teaching retreats in other places in the world, and am excited to bring that home to Vermont! I will be holding a full day retreat every quarter or so at various Vermont locations. We’ll enjoy a full day together, with a long lunch break to hang out and get to know each other. I hope you’ll join in!

The Mission – We focus on the mission of John McConnell Yoga in every class: “Enliven Community, Cultivate Positivity, Deepen Understanding.”

A Full Day of Yoga – Not everyone can leave town to go on a yoga reterat, even if it is for the weekend. These retreats about about finding teh “retreat” experience without all the logistics, time, and cost of a longer retreat. But, still with the same retreat vibe.

Going Deeper With Yoga – In these one-day retreats we will go deeper with the yoga practice in terms of the physical practice, meditation and philosophy.

FUN! – I want these retreats to be fun! As my mission says, I want to “culivate positvity,” and so let’s have fun. I plan on doing some laughing, dancing, being silly, during the retreats. One of the things about yoga is that it’s about finding the Light in yourself and in life, so let’s experience that together.

Community – The first part of my purpose is to “Enliven Community.” I really believe that community and getting together with others is a key element in creating more love in the world, as well as less conflict and hatred.  What that means to me in a yoga class is that everyone that comes to class is seen and feels part of the experience. Even if you show up an “outsider” and not knowing anyone, by the end of class you’ll have new friends.  🙂

Beautiful Places To Practice – For these retreats we will be in beautfiul and unique places to practice together. For the first retreat we will be at the Town Hall in Shelburne. It’s a beautiful space, and close to restaurants for lunch, or heading down to the lake to check out the water.

Shelburne, Vermont


I’m sorry to say I have to postpone this retreat until a further date. I’ll be posting a future date soon here, so be sure to check back.

ALSO, I am having an in-person, 2-hour class on October 8th in Richmond. Please come to that! It’s listed under the Monthly Sunday classes.

Take care,

COST: $90

For our first one-day retreat we will be in Shelburne!  I’m super excited to hang out with everyone for the day and do yoga. It’s going to be great fun. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m excited to hang out with you.  🙂