I am spending the week at Kripalu assisting Todd Norian and Ann Greene at an Anusara workshop. It’s been a really wonderful experience. On top of that, last week my wife and I assisted Ann in teaching a couples workshop here. While Jane and I were helping out with the couples workshop we came up with the Chit Ananda game. Chit Ananda is a concept of remembering that you are a blissful being. So, when you play the Chit Ananda game you ask “why” having to do with any action, with the answer being about Chit Ananda. I know, it’s a little strange and obscure, but you definitely have to stay on your toes and be quick with the Chit Ananda answers.

For those Chit Ananda junkies out there, here’s an example. Say I’m doing the dishes and asked “why”, I’d say something like — “well, when you do the dishes it creates a clarity in my house and space in my mind to more easily see that my true state is to be joyful and happy.” That’s actually a pretty good example. 🙂

So, I have Chit Ananda on the brain, so this weeks video is about remembering and recognizing the fact that our true nature is to be blissful. In the asana part of the class we do backbends, which are great for finding your true bliss. And, besides that, I recorded the video here a Kripalu in the yoga space where we have been holding the workshop, which is very cool. Enjoy! John