Upcoming Special Classes and Ongoing Live Streaming Yoga

April 8, 2020

Hey there,
Thank you for attending my online classes!  

I’m loving being able to hang out with you.  It’s extremely therapeutic for all of us in these crazy times.  I am very much feeling the importance of yoga and community in our lives 🙂
Besides my ongoing online classes (listed below), here are a few special classes coming up. I hope you can be a part of them. 
FABULOUS FRIDAYS! (Lockdown Edition)
Yoga, Great Music, Dancing, Community, Laughter, Connection, Virtual Hand-Holding  
Since we can’t do it in-person, let’s do it online!FRIDAY, APRIL 10TH 
7-8:30 PM  EDT
$7/person (included with unlimited)
LOCATION:  https://zoom.us/j/795616566   (Come early…I’m ‘in the studio’ 15 minutes before class)
Many of you have been to the live version of Fabulous Fridays. The short description of this class is: FUN!  Imagine all of us in our Zoom boxes laughing, doing yoga, being silly, and partying separately together.  It think it will be super fun.  Bring everyone you are quarantining with to join in the yoga party.  We’ll be listening to music that will make us happy as we celebrate life.
PARTNER YOGA (taught by Jane and John)
We did this a week  ago…but since every week is a month these days, it’s time to do it again!
7-8:30 PM EST
$7/person…$14/couple (only $7 if one of you has unlimited)
LOCATION:  https://zoom.us/j/795616566  (Come early…I’m ‘in the studio’ 15 minutes before class)
This is a sweet opportunity to get together with your quarantine partner and have a nice time doing yoga together.  Lots of fun partner poses, and also time to find connection with your partner, whatever your relationship.
I am keeping this going. 🙂
Monday – Thursday: 8-9am EST (slower)  // 5:30-6:30pm EST (more vigorous)
Friday: 8-9am EST (slower)
LOCATION:    https://zoom.us/j/795616566  (Come early…I’m ‘in the studio’ 15 minutes early)
$7/class or $25/weekly unlimited
Payable on Venmo @John-McConnell-50
If money is currently tight for you, come anyway and pay what feels right.  
Love to you,